Got a question? This list may help.

What do you charge for a (fill in the blank)?

I get this question a LOT and I completely understand why this question needs to be asked. Unfortunately, this question is impossible to answer without getting to know you, your company and your project details. I put serious thought and consideration into project estimates and I’m happy to talk to you about your needs and provide pricing once the details are worked out. There is usually room to look at the project from different angles if pricing becomes a concern.

Can I get that tomorrow?

Well, that depends! I wish I had the ability to drop everything and choose which of my clients take priority. The reality is, I have a queue of work and a workflow I need to follow to be fair and to keep everyone’s projects on track. If you really are in a pinch and need your project done immediately, I have a rush fee of 25%.

Can we meet at your office?

Unfortunately, no. I’m happy to pop by your place of business or meet you at a local café. My office is also my home and sometimes I wear pajamas to work!

Can you design something for my non-profit group or club?

YES! I would love to! Shoot me an email describing your project. I am happy provide a discounted rate to any local charities and anyone out there that’s trying to make a positive impact in their community.